drag0ntears (drag0ntears) wrote,

I have never..

..met a child like the one I babysat today. Normally if a child is uncomfortable with strange places and people they will cry. The 16m old I baby sat today for the first time didn't. She just stood there, not even looking around much. I then sat her down and she just sat there, i tried to get her to play with different toys, she wasn't interested. I thought maybe she is tired, so i lay her down and she just laid straight staring at the ceiling and at me oddly, not moving. Finally i sit her back up and hand her her juice , she drank a lot, then tried handing her the crackers. She wouldn't take the first 2 out of my hand, I had to put them on her lap, she finally took the 3rd one. After a little more than an hour(about 10 min before her mom came to pick her up) she finally started playing with the keyboard a little, and actually got on her hands and knees to get the singing bear. Maybe next monday will go better. She seems so sweet, but I just didn't know what to do with her.
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