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It's been a while..

I decided to post for the first time in a while.

Nick took Isabella and I to our first hockey game Thursday night. The game itself sucked pretty bad and Huntsville Havocs have been a good team this year from what I've heard up until now. *shrugs* It was pretty scarring. hah
I myself didn't get into it very much. I personally think the non sense violence/anger is silly. I like sports, for the sport itself. Like football, you know they get angry at what happens during a game but they would never put the game on the line for a little fight. However, I know most people who like hockey like it for the fights so more power to them. Isabella had a good time though, every time someone started yelling, clapping, or any ruckus at all she would start blabbering and clapping her hands, it was adorable. I enjoyed watching her. The box we were sitting in all were drawn to get free popcorn which was kind of cool then we won the $25 gift certificate to shogun(japanese restaurant) during the chuck a puck. We spent $10 in pucks so that isn't bad at all. You toss them on to the ice from where you are sitting and try to be the closest to certain prizes. It was nice to get out of the house and to get Isabella out, it was nice.

Anyways, you can't have a post without pictures..

At her first hockey game.. you can't see the shirt but since it was her first hockey game we bought her a huntsville havoc t-shirt.. it was nearly a dress it was the only child size they had..
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Chowing down on the rare occasion of fries..
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..she loves to wear masks, hats, and recently shoes
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crazy hair!
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just being cute..
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