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Nick and I went onto wirefly to look at different cell phone deals. We wanted 2 phones so that is what we were looking for in the deal. We got a shared plan through t-mobile, which is what I've had for years but with it we were able to get 2 free razors, gray for him, pink for me. with 2 free blue tooth headsets all for $10. After we send off the rebates we'll be paid $100.

I've been working on Isabella's Hello kitty hat i'm knitting. I've finished the hat itself and now have to do the eyes and nose. I put it on her earlier tonight and it was so freaking cute. I'll have to take a picture when it's finished.

Yesterday the cats were chasing each other, and just running around the house very fast and crazy like. Isabella was eating it up. Everytime they ran by her or pounced each other she would laugh harder and harder. She was laughing so hard at one point not only did she fall over but I thought she was going to lose her breath.

My baby girl will be a year old in exactly 2 weeks!!
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